Dean Kuipers has written about environmental politics, the human-nature relationship and the arts for three decades. His new memoir, The Deer Camp, tells the true tale of his shattered family and the Michigan swamp that brought them together. With his wife, Lauri Kranz, he also co-wrote the sumptuous new gardening book, A Garden Can Be Anywhere. A former editor at the Los Angeles Times, his work has appeared in Outside, Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, Orion, The Atlantic, Playboy, Wired and many other publications. He is the author of the 2007 Michigan Notable Book, Burning Rainbow Farm, about the FBI shooting of two gay libertarian pot activists on a farm in Michigan; Operation Bite Back, about activist Rod Coronado and the use of domestic terrorism charges against environmentalists; and I Am A Bullet with fine artist Doug Aitken. A Michigan native, he lives in Los Angeles with Kranz and their three sons.